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2007 ~

Sustainable Research & Development , Established China Branch in Shanghai

  • 2014Established Office at Shanghai in China
  • 2011Appointed “Competitive exporting company”
    Register 2 Patents for Pinning System
  • 2009Founded MEK Research & Development Center
  • 2008Agency agreement for Japanese market
    Agency agreement for Taiwanese market
    Register the Patent for Pinning System : Vibration-free System
  • 2007Export MEK Gauging System(Fine-Scan) to Japan

A new leap towards becoming global company

  • 2006.08Register the patent for MEK Pinning system
  • 2006. 02Acquire RG license
  • 2004. 11Move Head Quarter to Incheon
  • 2004. 09Acquire sales license of RI
    Acquire Million Export Tower Award

Korea’s first Online Thickness Gauge Company

  • 2003.12Acquire RI License
  • 2003. 11Agency agreement for Indian market
  • 2003. 03Expand the exports of Pinning system to Asia,
    Europe and South America
    Acquire ISO 9001:2000 certificate
  • 2001. 02Developed Online gauging system

Birth of MEK, Growth and Development

  • 1998. 03Agency agreement with Futec Inc. of Japan
    Perform System Consulting for Korean and Japanese customer
  • 1997. 05Agency agreement with Extrusion Dies Inc. of US
    Band pinning system, export to JSW of Japan
    Annual sales of $3,000,000
  • 1995. 03IGBT type corona treater
  • 1994. 12Register Trade Type GAP
    Agency agreement with Nomura Plating Co., Ltd. of Japan
  • 1994. 04Agency agreement with EGS(Eurotherm Guaging Systems Inc.) of US
    Die polishing machine
    Pinning system, export to Japan/Germany
  • 1993. 08Established MEK Engineering Corporation.
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