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Major certifications and patents

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Competitive exporting
  • Certificate of Company
    affiliated R&D Institutes
  • Approval for Manufacturing
    of RG Apparatus
  • RI Sales License

  • RI License

  • Approval for the Radiation
    Equipment Design (X-Ray)

  • Approval for the Radiation
    Equipment Design (B-Ray)
  • Passer for
    the radiation machinery
  • Utility Models -103241
    electrode for surface
    discharge treatment to plasticized film
  • Patent -138737
    Assist device for
    Manufacturing machine
  • Patent-10-0618494
    Pinning System
    for film manufacturing

    Patent - 10-1627823
    WEB Cleaner


    Best Friendly Management


    certificate of design registration


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