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On-Line Thickness Gauge

On-Line Thickness Gauge for WEB manufacturing Process

MEK online gauging system analyzes thickness of WEB in production and automatically controls thickness and evenness with scanned data. That improves product quality and optimizes the production process.

Advantage of using gauging system

  • Improved quality
  • Products management
  • Optimized Systems
  • Saving raw materials

MEK On-Line Thickness Gauge Feature

On-Line Thickness Gauge
  • quick and accurate gauging, sturdy control system
  • User friendly : optimized software with many languages
  • Prompt technological support and after service
  • Maximum investment efficiency
  • Know-How from lots of practical experience
  • Optimized control algorithm
  • Proven superior components

System components

System components
Scanner Transfers thickness data to operating panel
Operating Panel Controls and checks WEB manufacturing data in real time
   (Auto Profile Control)
Optimizes manufacturing based on data analysis
Remote PC Remotely controls production

Product Image

X-RAY / β-RAY Type

MEK gauging systems on the line

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