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WEB Cleaner


WEB Cleaner

MEK WEB Cleaner removes the foreign objects on the sheet and film without contact.

How it works

(*P : Pressure / V : Vacuum)


  • Effective cleaning performance and less energy
    consumptions with high speed, high pressure, micron
    nozzle structure
  • Semi-permanent
  • No additional maintenance
    - Head Air Cylinder (Lifter)
    - Head 2-axes LM guide
      (Compensating for thermal deformation and linear motion
  • Cleaner Head : Easy controlling system
  • Non-contact : No damage on film
  • Blower Unit
    - Highly effective, aerodynamic blower
    - Air Foil Bearing
    - Motor-impeller integrated
Product Image

MEK WEB Cleaner Demo-System

MEK WEB Cleaner on the line

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