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Pinning System

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Pinning System

Pinning system provides even, controlled application of extruded polymer to casting roll.


  • PE Co-extrusion
  • Nylon / BOPA
  • PTFE
  • PLA
  • CPP


  • Increased productivity
    – Higher line speed
  • Improved quality on film
    surface and CD profile
  • Better quality
    – Clear and even surface
  • Less TDO break


① High voltage is applied on the wire or band electrode.

② Electrical corona discharged to the surrounding air.

③ Film or sheet of positive polarity moves move into the cast roll of negative polarity.

System Components

Main components are winder/ unwinder assembly, local switch box, X-Y frame, operating panel including HV
Power supply and control PC.

pinning system(Wire/Band) Operating panel


Main Display

- System status is displayed in this screen
   Display to control H.V.P.S, Heating, Torque, Load Cell

- Total Length / Used Length
   Display transferred length and total length of electrode pinning band

- Alarm message due to problems with the system
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